leswamp (leswamp) wrote in asd_families,

Could use some help here...

My son has PDD/NOS and is a high functioning autistic with OCD and turrets elements.

Eihab, (his current medicaid service coordination org) sent me a form demanding payment of $286.55 per month for their continued medicaid service coordination.  (This from the people who don't even know what my son's medicaid client identification number is, according to the form.)  
If I had 300 dollars a month I could afford to part with, my son probably would not need medicaid.  

My son's caseworker du jour is very pleasant, comes to the house once every 3 months and consistently answers all questions with "I'm sorry, I don't know."  As a medicaid service coordination provider eihab has not exactly sparkled. None of these MSC providers do.  I've had years of experience in this in New York City and they are all run pretty badly.

The form I received is not well written or clear at all. It does not even have much by way of proper grammar or punctuation.  One thing I did manage to glean was that failure to comply with the sudden demand for money would not cut off my son's scant medicaid services but he would no longer have a services coordinator, (and as you may know, the people one can actually get on the phone at medicaid in NYC are all morons who contradict each other at best.) 

So what any of this means to my son's medicaid coverage in the real world, God only knows.

Does anyone know of a marginally competent medicaid service coordination provider in New York City? Or have any helpful input? I could use it. Thanks.
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