The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

Changing the image of disability, one candy bar at a time?

Interested in helping with a small effort to change the image of disability? Click here and my latest Examiner article will point you to a sweet little girl with Down Syndrome who is competing in a "The Face Of..." contest in the UK! I know this isn't ASD-specific, but I tend to think you have to get people to change how they think about disability in general before you can work on what they think about any specific disability.

Also, the contest relates to a UK-based chocolate that's designed with kids in mind, being both little-person-portioned and made with less actual chocolate, more in-theory-healthier milk-based filling. I admit I haven't investigated this (the chocolate) closely, since my attention was drawn to the girl in the contest, but it sounds l like something some of you in the UK might want to check out, if you haven't run into it yet, anyway. I know a lot of parents end up using special edible treats as incentive in some therapies, so... ::shrugs::
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