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Well How About That?

Padawan One finally graduated from High School Wednesday June 32rd. It's been a bumpy, uphill road, and we are doing summer School to tidy up English 12, but we're proud of him. Grandma even trekked up from Brooklyn to take in the ceremonies. I have to give HUGE credit to the infinite patience and compassion of the Special Ed folks at Birchwood School for all the work they've put in with him, most particularly his homeroom teacher and social worker. Pilamaye. Also big kudos should go the Cognitive Behavioral Therapist/Tutor, we dug up who's managed to get his writing thing unstuck. One of the few who had any clue what I was on about when I mention "cognitive dysgraphia." Non-trivial cost, but still in the WIN column.

Of course a sushi feast immediately followed.

So the next act. This afternoon, the school called and wants to schedule a CSE Exit Meeting, as Alex is finishing up and actually being graduated out of the Special Ed program. They said they could do it over the phone... but I kind of want to go in and do it in person. Put a cleaner "period" on that sentence in the guy's life, and shake a few hands. They did an awesome job pulling the kid back from the abyss of anxiety driven lockups and depression.

What we're doing in September? Who knows... but I am proud of the lad.

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