The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

Still woefully behind, but...

...I couldn't let this one get away from me without getting it down in a timely fashion. Jamie's been having a pretty rough week. It had been steadily improving towards not-as-really-bad, with yesterday being the best of the recent days, Jamie not having had any trouble spots, really, until almost 3pm (and that one a three-times-in-a-row problem with short-circuiting and failure to control the hitting reflex), and then only one more after that, at around 5:30, 6pm-ish (another of the same), which lead into a wind-down to a fairly decent bedtime. Today, though, was rather bad again. Nothing we haven't dealt with before, but still bad enough to make us go, "Wow," a few times. On the other hand, there was one rather outstanding positive. It was a little past 4pm when there was no getting around one of Jamie's 98% "possessed" autistic/sensory meltdowns, which lead us to attempt bathing him, lasted through the bath, and ended part-way through the rinsing shower. That caliber of meltdown usually lasts around 45 minutes, which this one did (though with a long stretch of bad-day lead-in), although usually the rest of an hour and a half goes into a cool-down and recovery period. This time that took only 5 minutes or so. Eniways, when Jamie was halfway toweled off, he said something about pee-pee and poops. I asked him if he wanted his diaper back on, or if he wanted to sit on the potty. (Chances slightly favor him picking whatever the second option is, in general, should all other things be equal, so we often propose our preferred option second.) He said he wanted to go downstairs and sit on the potty. (He's got a mini-potty chair in his room, we were next to a toilet...but it's the one downstairs that has the seat insert for little butts, and since we spend most of our time downstairs, that's the one most of our few willing potty attempts have been made on.) Ok then! So down we all marched together, Jamie still quite naked and thus also a bit cold, Keainid thinking about the fact that this whole dang place is carpeted, and wincing. We made it to the downstairs bathroom, I straightened out Jamie's seat and helped him on there (while Keainid turned the heat on in the bathroom)....and within maybe 30 seconds, he was peeing in the toilet. His hand was down there either to point himself down as I'd gone over with him before, or just because he was feeling a part of his body he was unusually aware of at the time, so he also peed on his hand, but thankfully I was able to clean that up before the hand went everywhere else. Impressively, there was only a little drip to clean up, otherwise. So let's review....he recognized that he needed to pee, he responded to the idea of using the potty, he expressed specific intentions regarding that activity, he HELD IT until he was on his intended potty, and then he peed in the toilet. HALLELUYAH! No, I'm not expecting smooth sailing through this breakthrough pass and into the sunset, but this is still a rather major first. This is the first intentional and successful use of the potty. (There was only one other successful use of the potty, and it was accidental on his part.) Naturally, we reinforced the occasion as best we could. He sat there a while longer, too (though he never did poop then, or the rest of his awake-time tonight), before telling me he was all done, sliding down, and waiting for help with his diaper.

Over the next two hours, I asked him a few times if he wanted/needed to go pee-pee in the potty. He -- thankfully without any triggered issues -- always rejected the idea. And when it came time for his bedtime diaper change, his diaper was very full of urine. Now, there are a lot of possible factors. He had a diaper and clothes on, and was covered and warm, instead of being naked, slightly wet, and a bit cold. He was back to being busy with his stuff, instead of being between major activities (bathtime, and going back downstairs). And of course, with his sensory issues, there's really no telling if he's going to be capable of these not-reflexive-yet recognitions and habits, from one moment to the next. All the same, and carpets be damned, tomorrow the heat might end up jacked up A LOT, and mommy might spend a lot of time slightly more bored than usual, as Jamie spends time as half-nakee-boy, and she intently watches the color of his penis.

I know, for a four and a half year old boy with ASD and SPD, not being potty trained yet is far from unheard of. But my, that'd be a nice Christmas present.
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