The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

A big relief, a bit of cute, and some handy product reviews.

We moved from the MidWest back to the NorthEast right around the time our son aged out of E.I.  Thanks to a truly impressive series of tangles and mobius-strip style hoops of red tape to jump through that were created by needing to apply for state-aid insurance (for our family) as well as fight for Disability (for myself), at the same time, it has taken almost a year and a half to finally even get set up with a PCP.  And that means, since nobody wanted to cover anything until there was a referral from a PCP (because E.I. in another state doesn't count for enough), that my son (SPD and PDD-NOS) has gone about a year and a half without receiving any services beyond what we can provide at home.  Well finally, yesterday, I was able to begin the process, with both the state/insurance and with the school-system, of getting him a formal, government-recognized diagnosis.  Once we have that, we should be able to get him therapy services again, possibly get him into some programs, and apply for Disability for him as well.  HALLELUYAH!

To follow that snippet of good news from yesterday, here's a snippet of cute ==>

::Jamie points to his PJ top after trying to twist his head around for a bit:: <i> "What does dat say?"</i>
::I point to the words that are upside-down to him::  <i> "It says 'Captain Heartbreaker', because you are so cute!"</i>
::Jamie looks concerned::  <i> "Can you fix it?"</i>

It's part typical-little-kid cuteness and part autistic literalism, I'm sure.  Totally adorable, regardless.

In other news, I have another Examiner article up.  It's a two-part one again, reviewing first spout guards and then tub bumpers.  It's written with parents of special-needs kids with movement-affecting disorders (autism among them), in mind, though of course it's relevant for any parent, or anyone who has a movement-affecting disorder (or just advanced age) themselves.  But yeah...Jamie definitely has that erratic movement issue, and the products I reviewed have made, I have no doubt, a HUGE difference in the number of baths that resulted in bruised lumps and bloody gouges.  We're a lot more relaxed, too.

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