The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

How you can help neuro-typical children interact with special-needs children...request for input!

Ok....I just finished a two-part Q/A article for my Special Needs Kids Examiner page, with part one here and part two here, dealing with the question of how you can help neuro-typical children interact with special-needs children. I'd really like to do a third part, though, following up with more ideas, specific experiences, insights, etc., from others who have felt responsible for thinking about this kind of thing. I'm particularly interested in hearing from parents with both NT and SN kids, because the article as written keeps things on a more basic level meant for, say, play dates. I'd probably keep it pretty much to quoting what people offer up, with as much personal info as you desire, to attribute the quotes to. If you've got a comment very directly related to what I already said in the articles, then I'd be thrilled (I hope) if you'd leave it there in the article's page itself...but if you're willing to offer your own advice to expand upon what I put there, please leave the comments here in LJ, so my Examiner page doesn't end up with the same content in several spots.

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