The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

I know kids in GENERAL are known for saying these kinds of things all the time, but...

Yesterday, Jamie told me that stars are flashlights in the sky.

Have you absorbed the adorableness from that yet? I haven't.

What makes this even better is that he has a very hard time processing language and expressing himself verbally. A lot of the speech at his disposal, even on his better days, is adapted echolalia. For him to come up with something like this, entirely on his own, is amazing, even within the wondrous realms of Jamie.

I wonder if the next time he sees a star twinkling, he'll tell me (that he's aware that) you shouldn't keep turning it on and off, you could break it.

(Cross-posted, because it's a little spark of joy.)
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