The Lady Rhiannon (rhiannontherose) wrote in asd_families,
The Lady Rhiannon

New articles up (other updates pending)

Not all that long ago, I posted the link to my article about the inspiring abilities of the disabled. Well, I've got two more articles up -- really, one article in two parts. This one is about service animals, and how they are so much more than pets. (I'm by no means questioning the value of mets, merely seeking to educate a bit more about the wonders of service animals.) Here is part one, and here is part two. Although I am "reporting" from the perspective of a parent of a special-needs child, I admit that getting the article written was inspired not by my own experiences -- although I've no doubt my SPD/PDD-NOS son would benefit from a therapy dog, we are not in the position to have one -- but by an adult friend of ours who has a seizure alert/response chihuahua. Nixie is, as she puts it, "[her] best friend, [her] child, more important than any romance....she is [her] freedom to live as [her] true self." Now who wouldn't want that kind of chance for their child?!

By the by, Examiner has me theoretically "reporting" from NY, since I have the most experience with that state, and they like to try localizing people's knowledge base. You might notice, however, that adds come up on the sidebars which seem to indicate that I am located wherever you are. I've gotten a number of comments from people who were confused by that. Don't worry over it -- that's just trying to better match their sponsor companies to their viewing audience.
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